You can search the Dynamic catalogue by:

  • Browsing. Click Browse library and start listening.
  • Searching. Use the Keyword search bar and start typing... Genres, moods, song titles, album names and instruments can all be searched for.
  • Use the Menus. You can select Genres, Moods, Music for different uses or Instruments. You can also mix and match – if you want a folk track with vocals, just tick the boxes; if you want an electro or house track that is uplifting, tick the boxes.

When you've found a track you like you can download it instantly as an mp3 or 24-bit WAV. You can also share it or bookmark it to Your Projects for later access.

If you can't find the track you need, if you're interested in commissioning or to talk through a project with our Music Supervision Team, get in touch. We're happy to help with the toughest of briefs and create custom playlists for your productions.

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