Q&A: Ulas Koca

Ulas (aka Surrender) takes us through some of his thinking behind ‘Superfly Funk‘.

What was the goal for this album in terms of sound and overall experience?

My aim was to create a retro-funk feel but not to just cover one era but more as in funk as a whole. So the purpose was to make it as funk as possible while using a different approach for each song.

Where did you take inspiration from for this album?

I took inspiration from a lot of different artists. From funk to disco to soul. Stevie Wonder, Cerrone, Chic, Herbie Hancock, Jimi Hendrix, Quincy Jones, Zapp, Prince, Shalamar, Aurra. Being a disco junkie, this album was really fun to make as it felt like second nature to me.

What is your creative process when making an album like Superfly Funk?

One of the first things I did before I started an idea was to experiment with a lot of different sounds, it took hours to come up with nice solid sounds that fit the ideas. Once I had sounds that were close to my original thought, I started laying down drafts, and eventually things started to come together.

Are there any differences in the way you create production music as opposed to music for a more commercial market?

In the end they both have to sound good and have to be appealing. At the end of the day for me, it’s all art and I will always love making all types of music and only work on things that I love.

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