Brent Lindsay

Independent singer-songwriter Brent Lindsay is originally from a small town in Indiana, USA. His passion for music developed at an early age where he would sit for hours at his mother’s vintage upright piano. It was these early moments that led him to leave college life behind and move to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue his dream.

After making the move Brent began to absorb and develop his craft. Taking up the blues harmonica, which quickly became his signature sound.

Following several years of refinement, Brent moved back to Indiana to set up a professional home studio where he writes and records to this day. Splitting his time between quick turnaround syncs all the way up to full productions.

As well as being nominated for the UK Rock Production Music Award, Brent has achieved numerous placements including MTV, CMT, American Pickers and Ultimate Fighter.

Last week Dynamic released it’s 66th release RAW BLUES – A staggering collection of hot ‘n’ heavy authentic blues written and produce by Brent. Click below to play the album summary.

To hear the full album click here and for more information on Brent Lindsay visit: