Epic Power Trailers


Epic Power Trailers

Blockbuster orchestral cues, with gradual builds and earth-shaking percussion.

Distant Worlds

001. Main version

Duration: 2:47

Rousing intro, slow building horns, choir and aggressive percussion.

Final Battle

002. Main version

Duration: 2:40

Soft, introverted piano transitioning into soaring strings, industrial percussion and heavy horn stabs.

Lost Kingdom

003. Main version

Duration: 2:10

Elegant piano theme with sweeping, victorious orchestral flourish.


004. Main version

Duration: 2:36

Tense, foreboding piano leading into huge percussive hits and full bodied orchestral arrangement.


005. Main version

Duration: 2:39

Delicate, regretful music box moving into epic sweeping strings, hard-hitting percussion and aggressive brass.


006. Main version

Duration: 2:22

A beautiful piano piece with soft string and low sub-shot accompaniment.

Enemy At The Gates

007. Main version

Duration: 2:36

Tension filled percussion, haunting piano, ominous horns and suspense building strings.

Under Seige

008. Main version

Duration: 2:46

Rich, industrial percussion, graceful piano, warm electronic guitar and soaring strings.

The Fallen

009. Main version

Duration: 2:20

Violent percussion, undulating piano, subtle synths, strong brass and high level risers.


010. Main version

Duration: 1:54

Epic, expansive synths, falling brass, peppy pizzicato strings and heavy percussion.

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