Heroic Trailers


Heroic Trailers

A versatile collection of cinematic heroic themes. Preparing for battle; action and adventure; mystery and intrigue.

Dark Passage

001. Main version

Duration: 1:33

Brooding and mysterious theme opening into thundering drums and tense brass swells.


002. Main version

Duration: 2:00

Tension and intrigue track with dramatic orchestral motifs that builds to a heart-racing climax.

Endangered Species

003. Main version

Duration: 2:50

An evocative introduction piece.

Field Of Light

004. Main version

Duration: 3:52

The heroes journey. A rousing, expressive and pensive theme.


005. Main version

Duration: 1:56

A sense of deep foreboding. Tense atmospheric sound design and twisted orchestral stabs that build to a chest-pounding finale.

Last Moment

006. Main version

Duration: 3:45

Elegant, stately and rousing. A steady piano melody drift over lush, heartfelt strings.

Lizard Dance

007. Main version

Duration: 2:59

Rising, rhythmic and exciting piano and string cue that grows with thundering drum hits and dramatic and determined orchestral string stab.


008. Main version

Duration: 2:52

Mysterious piano motifs wash over ever growing emotive strings, percussive and choir hits. Builds to climactic ending.


009. Main version

Duration: 2:40

Time is running out. A curious piano melody and ticking clock opening that gradually builds with driving stings and powerful, foreboding sound-design.

Peace Field

010. Main version

Duration: 2:29

Reflective, atmospheric piano and emotive strings cue that grows to a triumphant, heroic climax.

Rock Solid

011. Main version

Duration: 2:28

Relentless industrial hybrid trailer cue featuring rock drums, heavy hits, synth leads and crunchy sound design full of attitude.

The Day After

012. Main version

Duration: 2:34

Atmospheric, dark and mysterious featuring brooding strings, evolving pads, huge percussive hits and rhythmic piano melody.

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