Gravity's Shadow

002. Main version

Duration: 2:37

Stirring heroic theme with epic choir, rhythmic strings and almighty percussion.

Heads Will Roll

007. Main version

Duration: 1:47

Foreboding, gritty urban theme building in tension with rhythmic strings and crunchy beats and menacing electronics.


003. Main Version

Duration: 1:58

Rising intro building with tension drops to a full-on, epic assault to the senses.


009. Main version

Duration: 1:32

Dramatic and driven synth pulses combined with industrial percussion and rising atsmospheres.

Distant Worlds

001. Main version

Duration: 2:47

Rousing intro, slow building horns, choir and aggressive percussion.

The Fallen

009. Main version

Duration: 2:20

Violent percussion, undulating piano, subtle synths, strong brass and high level risers.


010. Main version

Duration: 1:54

Epic, expansive synths, falling brass, peppy pizzicato strings and heavy percussion.

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