011. Main version

Duration: 2:34

Mysterious, atmospheric introduction leads to tense, action theme.


003. Main Version

Duration: 1:58

Rising intro building with tension drops to a full-on, epic assault to the senses.


008. Main Version

Duration: 3:10

Dark, brooding atmospheres float over throbbing bass and stripped beats. Life in the tense and unnerving underworld.


011. Main Version

Duration: 3:12

Reflective piano melody and atmospheric pads float wobbling sub-bass, hard beats and trancey synth pattern.

A Close Encounter

003. Main version

Duration: 2:21

Slow, dreamy melodies build to full on 80's synthwave classic.

Rogue Operator

011. Main version

Duration: 2:32

Heavy hits, epic rising synths and gritty sfx.

Connected World

007. Main version

Duration: 2:17

Futuristic combination of anticipating synths, sustained sub bass, brass crescendos, string arpeggios and echoing drums.