Mutant Army

003. Main version

Duration: 2:01

Hybrid action cue with huge slabs of electronic percussion and rousing strings that leads to colossal trailer ending.

Title Fight Dreams

008. Main version

Duration: 2:30

Valiant, all-powerful hybrid action cue with slamming drum hits, brass, rousing choir and strings.


011. Main version

Duration: 3:58

Hyperactive drums, well paced distorted guitars and synth inflections.


004. Main Version

Duration: 2:58

Calm. mellow opening explodes to super-charged and razor sharp dubstep to make your ear-bleed!


006. Main Version

Duration: 2:26

Moody, dark and unnerving.


009. Main Version

Duration: 3:11

Arpeggiated synth intro makes way to huge, heroic dubstep theme with epic strings, colossal bass and toughened beats.


010. Main Version

Duration: 3:32

Repetitive synth intro breaks to uplifting, filtered synth hook, deep bass and skippy beats.

Washed Away

012. Main Version

Duration: 3:12

Warm waves of swirling mellow synths and evolving atmospheres with 2-step beats.