Heaven Sent

001. Main version

Duration: 3:07

Dark sub bass, dreamy vocals and repetative synth.


003. Main Version

Duration: 1:58

Rising intro building with tension drops to a full-on, epic assault to the senses.


008. Main Version

Duration: 3:10

Dark, brooding atmospheres float over throbbing bass and stripped beats. Life in the tense and unnerving underworld.


009. Main Version

Duration: 3:11

Arpeggiated synth intro makes way to huge, heroic dubstep theme with epic strings, colossal bass and toughened beats.


010. Main Version

Duration: 3:32

Repetitive synth intro breaks to uplifting, filtered synth hook, deep bass and skippy beats.


011. Main Version

Duration: 3:12

Reflective piano melody and atmospheric pads float wobbling sub-bass, hard beats and trancey synth pattern.

Washed Away

012. Main Version

Duration: 3:12

Warm waves of swirling mellow synths and evolving atmospheres with 2-step beats.