Light Years

005. Main Version

Duration: 3:02

Atmospheric intro builds to euphoric piano melody, sub-bass and 2-step beats.

Washed Away

012. Main Version

Duration: 3:12

Warm waves of swirling mellow synths and evolving atmospheres with 2-step beats.

Now It's Here

001. Main version

Duration: 2:52

Ethereal echoing piano, pearlescent vocals, smooth sub bass and solid beat.


002. Main version

Duration: 3:12

Heavenly vocals, sparse piano, minimalist drums.


005. Main version

Duration: 2:29

Mellow piano, tranquil vocals and effortless drums.


010. Main version

Duration: 4:04

Alternating piano, soft female oohs leading to light reprise.


011. Main version

Duration: 3:13

Serene vocals, gentle peaceful piano and silky smooth sub bass.

Sunlit Wander

009. Main version

Duration: 2:03

Sentimental and atmospheric monastery chants evolve over delicate piano and string melodies.

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