Epic For Breakfast

001. Main version

Duration: 1:55

Rousing, atmospheric opening evolves to inspiring, heroic climax.

Gravity's Shadow

002. Main version

Duration: 2:37

Stirring heroic theme with epic choir, rhythmic strings and almighty percussion.

Mutant Army

003. Main version

Duration: 2:01

Hybrid action cue with huge slabs of electronic percussion and rousing strings that leads to colossal trailer ending.

Title Fight Dreams

008. Main version

Duration: 2:30

Valiant, all-powerful hybrid action cue with slamming drum hits, brass, rousing choir and strings.


009. Main version

Duration: 0:52

Time is running out. Tense, rhythmic string pattern and pounding tribal percussion building throughout.


011. Main version

Duration: 2:34

Mysterious, atmospheric introduction leads to tense, action theme.

Passing The Crown

012. Main version

Duration: 1:22

Epic trailer cue with big, bold percussion hits, tribal drums and foreboding, rhythmic string patterns.

Auld Lang Syne

011. Main version

Duration: 2:33

Tender female vocals, intimate acoustic guitar arpeggios.


009. Main Version

Duration: 3:11

Arpeggiated synth intro makes way to huge, heroic dubstep theme with epic strings, colossal bass and toughened beats.

Agent X

002. Main version

Duration: 2:16

Atmospheric introduction evolves to dramatic chugging strings and huge percussion. The classic thriller cue.

Edge of Darkness

004. Main version

Duration: 1:49

Chilling and ominous sound design fused with orchestral sounds and choir stabs