Mutant Army

003. Main version

Duration: 2:01

Hybrid action cue with huge slabs of electronic percussion and rousing strings that leads to colossal trailer ending.

Heads Will Roll

007. Main version

Duration: 1:47

Foreboding, gritty urban theme building in tension with rhythmic strings and crunchy beats and menacing electronics.


002. Main version

Duration: 3:03

Packed with piercing harmonics, twisted synth and rapid drum lines.


011. Main version

Duration: 3:58

Hyperactive drums, well paced distorted guitars and synth inflections.


009. Main Version

Duration: 3:11

Arpeggiated synth intro makes way to huge, heroic dubstep theme with epic strings, colossal bass and toughened beats.

Agent X

002. Main version

Duration: 2:16

Atmospheric introduction evolves to dramatic chugging strings and huge percussion. The classic thriller cue.

Watchful Eye

003. Main version

Duration: 2:00

As the evidence mounts. Investigative melodies builds with beats, restless synths and ominous sound design.

The Fallen

009. Main version

Duration: 2:20

Violent percussion, undulating piano, subtle synths, strong brass and high level risers.

Don't Test Me

004. Main version

Duration: 3:00

Solid UK drill hip hop. Hypnotic synths, edgy tight beats and sub bass.