Just You And Me

011. Main Version

Duration: 3:55

A gentle and intimate romantic theme.


010. Main Version

Duration: 3:32

Repetitive synth intro breaks to uplifting, filtered synth hook, deep bass and skippy beats.

Fond Memories

002. Main version

Duration: 3:00

Delicate, touching and yearning piano over warm, reassuring strings.

Safe From Harm

003. Main version

Duration: 3:30

Reflective, considered piano and thoughtful string counterpoint.

Calm Solitude

004. Main version

Duration: 2:09

A heartwarming and comforting piano theme with rousing strings support.

Pastures New

010. Main version

Duration: 2:32

Elegant, stately and optimistic. Inspiring and heartfelt piano theme with uplifting and warm string accompaniment.


014. Main version

Duration: 3:01

Angelic female vocals, reflective violin and soft piano.

Final Battle

002. Main version

Duration: 2:40

Soft, introverted piano transitioning into soaring strings, industrial percussion and heavy horn stabs.


006. Main version

Duration: 2:22

A beautiful piano piece with soft string and low sub-shot accompaniment.

Pastoral Glades

003. Main version

Duration: 2:23

Intimate and tender. Optimistic piano theme accompanied by string and choral counter melodies.


007. Main version

Duration: 2:44

Atmospheric monastery chants float over delicate piano melodies.