009. Main Version

Duration: 3:11

Arpeggiated synth intro makes way to huge, heroic dubstep theme with epic strings, colossal bass and toughened beats.


011. Main Version

Duration: 3:12

Reflective piano melody and atmospheric pads float wobbling sub-bass, hard beats and trancey synth pattern.

Agent X

002. Main version

Duration: 2:16

Atmospheric introduction evolves to dramatic chugging strings and huge percussion. The classic thriller cue.

Edge of Darkness

004. Main version

Duration: 1:49

Chilling and ominous sound design fused with orchestral sounds and choir stabs


009. Main version

Duration: 1:32

Dramatic and driven synth pulses combined with industrial percussion and rising atsmospheres.

Final Dawn

011. Main version

Duration: 2:02

Ethereal vocals on descending chords.

A Close Encounter

003. Main version

Duration: 2:21

Slow, dreamy melodies build to full on 80's synthwave classic.

The Secret Cabin

007. Main version

Duration: 2:44

Mysterious opening arpeggiator synth, building through eerie strings into pace lifting beat.

Connected World

007. Main version

Duration: 2:17

Futuristic combination of anticipating synths, sustained sub bass, brass crescendos, string arpeggios and echoing drums.